Rudy "The Riot" Rudisill 

What does Made by One Guy Mean?
Simple, in order to make things affordable for everyone you must cut the factory of over sea shipping cost and products down, and do it yourself! #MadeByONE

How does that work? ^
Rudy orders shirts from a Made in U.S.A. company. 

Once receiving an order he sends his custom graphic image to his vinyl machine.

When the graphic is done printing he cuts the image with a razor blade and ready's it for the press.

Each color on a vinyl shirt- counts as a press.
Yes that means each color on the shirt is a press! 

Screen prints are one press.

This is the most important part. If the graphic image isn't laid onto the shirt correctly the shirt is ruined and the process of cutting the vinyl starts back over.

After placing the shirt onto the heating press, your graphic is transferred to the shirt.

When it's cooled down, Rudy pulls the transfer cover and upon his approval does he move on to adding his custom logo to the right sleeve. Then to color match on the left sleeve our U.S.A. Red, White, & Blue or Black & White Flag.
The back logo is then colormatched to the rest of the shirt to ensure the proper swagger.

Here's an easier way to understand how it works :

You place an order, and we do the rest.

- We even take requests on shirts you have ideas on!

E-Mail us anytime and we will always answer you. 

All products Printed & Designed by RIOTICwear will include tax.

Why Order from Riotic Wear?

There is no other time than now to show each other even with distance, we can still stay United. The more we promote products that defy the freedom of this country will it only continue to keep us in groups of hate and separation.

Wear your Pride on your sleeve.
Show the world your not ashamed of the country you live in.
Show you support those who've given their life for us to live free.
Show you support those who continue to fight.

The media hypes up the flaws of this country and continues to shield any kind of success made.

It's proven when the country is down, we come together

Get Patriotic with Riotic Wear