Contact Riotic Wear

You Can Reach Us At :


That email is the the fastest way to reach us as it is updated in real time and which the owner (Rudy) checks it throughout the day.  We are strictly a Online Business ONLY, however due to laws that require a address even for a business in which the technical address is in the name itself but anyways here is Business Address.

P.O. Box 275 Chula, GA 31733

Mail us all your mail that you wish for us to receive and/or returns that our suppose to return to this address.  

Returns are handled individually!! Meaning, Once you contact us with a return request, we will let you know exactly what you need to do and where it needs to go because their is possibility that certain items do not come back to me and need to go else where.  We will do this to speed up your process.  Most places want to be shipped the item first for their inspection then turn around and have to reship it else where.  SPEED is best to satisfy customers.  So that's the reasoning behind that.  I want to also ad to this by saying I (Rudy) struggle at being a good business man in a few areas, the one I struggle the most is at being way to nice.  So much so that I normally lose a great deal of money by helping people out with things that I more than likely shouldn't have.  So if you do have issues with anything of your order,  then contact me.  I promise you will be happy at the end of the day.  I know that these are all words at the end of the day and I am not saying the normal proper words and stating proper professional procedure, but I said this business will be different and one of those ways in by adding Humanity & Morality back into business.

Please Refer to Our "Quality Control" Page for Details on Returns or Exchanges