Ukrainian Camo 1 "Death Squad" Hoodie


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Ukrainian Camo 1 "Death Squad" Hoodie
Ukrainian Camo 1 "Death Squad" Hoodie
Ukrainian Camo 1 "Death Squad" Hoodie
Ukrainian Camo 1 "Death Squad" Hoodie
Ukrainian Camo 1 "Death Squad" Hoodie
Ukrainian Camo 1 "Death Squad" Hoodie


All Net Profit from Operator Starsky Official Merch will be donated to "Come Back Alive"  Which is a group out of Ukraine that supplys Ukrainian Soldiers with non lethal aid.


*Every Order of Starsky Merch is sent to production (Most Items Take 5-7 Days to Produce!!

*Official Operator Starsky's Merch Ships FREE with no minimums (Exceptions being a few countries which during check out will show)

Once produced Transit time adverages 8-15 days

**16-30 Days to the longer transit parts of the world. (If things usually take more time to ship to your address, the people who this pertains to will know this)

***35 Days after purchase if you still have not received your item, we will either refund you or send your same order with Express Shipping for free regardless if you actually receive the first order after the 40 days.   

This is our first Merch account, which this is not anything to worry about, what this does mean is that expect your Merch Items purchased to arrive 15-30 days after order.   This will slowly get faster as we have this process down.  We are doing this to take our time and make sure everyone receives quality & the correct items.  Most places are not upfront about things like this, but here at Riotic Wear, We don't follow the Professional Company Line.  Not saying that we are not Professional, but in our owners opinion, not doing things like that and being 100% transparent up front makes us more professional then other businesses.

All apparel from Riotic Wear is held to high standards & it would be hard to find another Apparel Brand that Delivers the Highest Quality at the Lowest Price possible.

* Polyester blend material for men's hoodie.

* Cut and sewn piece by piece to suitable the body.

* Hoodie with pocket and machine washable.

* Soft and comfortable and warmer for daily wear. 

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